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Vivatmo ME

Art.nr: F.09G.100.149

Vivatmo me 


The world´s first FeNO measuring device for home use

The Vivatmo me FeNO measurement device is designed to measure airway inflammation in asthma patients in order to give them a better understanding of their condition and therefore more confidence in their daily lives, Patients who regularly monitor their own FeNO levels may improve their adherence to medication. (1)


Patients´degree of inflammation is evaluated via traffic light classification: red, yellow, and green 

The light, handy and easy-to-use device integrates smoothly into patients´everyday life, whereby the battery-operated measurement ensures higher autonomy 

Regular analysis of the airways allows for better management of the condition, which can help to optimize therapy and improve adherence (1,2,) 

Vivatmo app

As a valuable add-on, the Vivatmo app ideally complements the Vivatmo me. This enables asthma patients to keep a closer look on their course of disease.



Download here Download the app here


What is FeNO

How Vivatmo me works

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2. Stoneham, nursing Times 2013;109:22-5