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DispozABLE spacer (price 21,90/spacer)

Art.nr: 934392


DispozABLE spacer

Low cost - fast response spacer

A low cost, fast respone spacer for delivering medication promptly in an emergency situation. Fast ane easy to assemble, with no mask needed.
To be uses as a singel use spacer.

Low cost

DispozABLE Spacer has been designed to meet a specific market need. It is a low cost, fast response spacer for delivering medication promptly.

It is designed to be used straight from the box without pre-washing in reversibility testing,  in-hoiuse patient and in an emergency situation; ambulance or emergency rooms. DispozABLE Spacer is to be used as a single use spacer, intuitive design easy to use.

DispozABLE  Delivered in boxes of 200. Price 21,90 pr spacer + VAT and freight.