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ABLEspacer m/mask medium 3 år+

Art.nr: 825724


Innovative technology and design

Two-way valve

Valve that operates at low respiratory force (10 l/min). Important especially for children and patients with COPD.

Silver ion

Included in chamber and mask Transparent plastic, which incorporates anti-microbial silver ion technology; this inhibits microbial growth of bacteria and virus (including covid19).

Special material

The masks are made of a new polymere (not silicone) to optimize drug delivery.

Releases a sound when correctly used A positive whistle mask, which is activated by correct inhalation and

tightly adjusted mask.

RAFI tone – a free app that helps children using their spacer correctly and contribute to reduced symptoms of asthma1

Through the microphone of a smartphone “RAFI tone” listens for the whistle of the ABLEspacer mask – “Whistlemask” in combination with

ABLEspacer. It activates a pedagogical animation, which ensures correct inhalation technique.

Small mask 0-3 years

Medium mask 3 years+


NOTE: In Norway each patient may receive up to 2 ABLEspacers and masks on “blue receipt” annually.

Article nr. at pharmacy DENMARK NORWAY SWEDEN
ABLEspacer inhalation chamber universal 218276 938941 738920
ABLEspacer inhalation chamber with mask M 3 years+ 219154 976232 730777
ABLEspacer inhalation chamber with mask M 3 år+ 218278 825724 730778
ABLEspacer inhalation chamber with mask L adult 218279 904910 730779


For product and safety information please contac us on post@birk-npc.com.
1. Implications for paediatric asthma care from gamification of inhaler spacer technique. Toor S, Crawford E, Aslam T, Sanders M. ISAM 2019