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Pulmosafe 2022 Highly efficient viral & bacterial filter

Art.nr: 2022



Highly efficient viral & bacterial filter with an oval mouthpiece with a pronounced rim (optionally available with Pulmoclip LM / Softclip LM and/or bite mouthpiece)



What quality do the filters meet?

Our filters ave been tested for absorption efficiency by internationally recognized testing institutes such as Nelsom Laboratory  and Publicj Health UK. The abspotion at 30/liter min  in over 99,99%. 



Does the product fit my diagnostic device?

Ouar viral and bacterial filters are suitable for the most common used diagnostic devices. We offer an adapter free of use with your first order  for all commond device manufacturers.  Please specify your device type during the ordering process.


Do the filters also meet modern environmental protection enviroment?

Our filters are made of 100 percent polypropylene (PP) and are fully recyclable. With protection in our domestic production facilities and through suppliers in the vicinity, we try to keep the transport distances for preliminary  products low. Our modern, fully electronic injection moulding machines consume 30 percentes less energy than conventioal machines. We continuously research the development of sustainable products that are fully biodegradable. (Statment form the producer)


Meaningful lung function tests require leak-free use. The mouthpiece of the Pulmosafe 2022 is very ergonomic and oval-shaped. Besides, the mouthpiece is shaped long enough to see the corners of the mouth.


  • Housing material Polypropylen (PP)

  • Weight in (g) 29

  • Dimensions (mm) d=89 , h=80

  • Dead space of the entire enclosure (ml) 97

  • Effective dead space (ml) ≤45

  • Delivered in boxes of 100 packed with softclip in separate bag . part no 2022